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I'm Web Developer. Web Design and Web Development is my passion.

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I am a

I am Mohin Rana is a Web Developer. I am a freelancer by profession. Web site design and development is my hobby. I can create any kind of web site as the customer is happy and I can easily understand all the problems of the customer. My main goal is to make the customer happy. You will get support from me in any situation..

Web Developer

We are a Website Development Company

We Creative The Best Websites In The Online Market.






Newspaper Website

Start at Tk.12,000

E-commerc Website

Start at Tk.16,000

Educational Website

Start at Tk.12,000

Company Website

Start at Tk. 8,000

Blogging Website

Start at Tk. 6,000

Educational Website

Start at Tk. 6,000

Web Developer

How can I help you?

My name is Mohin Rana. I work a minimum of 12/13 hours every day. I like to do this job and it is a hobby of mine. My goal is to understand the problems of the customers and solve their problems. Explain everything to them after delivery of their projects, so that they can manage (edit, add, update, post, etc.) their web site themselves. If the customer has a problem in understanding something, I solve it through video and audio conversations with them.



Web Design

How a website will look in the eyes of a user depends on the design.And before we do that design, we discuss with our team. How to make it attractive. about Web design


Web Development

Web Development

Front end web development is the first step of web development. A front end Web Developer has a deep knowledge of the techniques of creating static web pages.



WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS of the present time. Anyone can customize it if they want. So the popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day.



Local & Traditional SEO

We create any type of web site through WordPress, HTML and SEO services to rank your web site business.



Graphic Design

We work on graphics design in the local and online market. Click on the button below to learn about graphics design.


Web application

Application Development

We work on graphics design in the local and online market. Click on the button below to learn about graphics design.

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Web Developer

Our team

I have a team working with me. In order to create a web site, first of all we all do a perfect review of the site.

Mohin Rana


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Web Developer & Software Development Service

I am able to create high quality websites with WordPress, HTML. I can design any targeted web site in a short time..

Web Developer

Mohin Rana

WordPress,HTML,CSS , javaScript,PHP

Professional Web Developer

We take care of every customer’s work very carefully. You can rely on us from design to development. We are able to make the website as per your choice. We do development work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. We believe that the website you choose should be more preferred. Make your business better.